Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Importance of the One Seed

Courtesy: espn.com
The HEAT are back! Maybe.  They did take a big step in the right direction Monday night by beating Portland at home, but I think the struggles will continue as long as the in's and out's occurring in the lineup continue.  It's hard to establish continuity with the rotation changing on a nightly basis.  Haven't we seen this before? Remember the last time our stars were used to playing without each other? It was back when they were all on separate teams.  And that took more than a year to fix those chemistry issues.  We need to right the ship, and we need to right it fast.  The Bulls are coming for the 3 seed and it'd be better if we didn't play them in the 2nd round.  The #1 seed is very important to the HEAT.  More important than it ever has been, because we cannot afford to be beat up by Chicago in the 2nd round AND then Indiana in the ECF and expect to compete in the Finals.   

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