Monday, March 10, 2014

How I would fix NBA All-Star Weekend

The big question is: How do we get LeBron James in the dunk contest?  Well, then the question you have to ask is: What does LeBron care about? -- Winning Championships? Perhaps. -- Well, what affects winning championships? Home court advantage possibly.  The NBA should take a page out of the MLB's book and put home court advantage for the NBA Finals on the line during All-Star weekend.  What better way to motivate the best players in the game to compete at the level their capable of.  But, lets not just let the All-Star game decide home court.  How about the whole weekend? All the festivities.  I like how the NBA decided to split up into teams, but I think they should develop a points system.  Whichever conference earns the most points, earns home court advantage.  This is how I suggest breaking up the points. 
This would put more emphasis on the most important event: The All-Star game itself.  But, if a conference were able to sweep the 4 prior events, then they would earn home court, no matter the outcome of the game.  Also, the dunk contest this year was loads better than years past, but I'm not one of the people that believe John Wall "brought the dunk contest back".  They need to add at least two more dunks per player to determine the winner.  This is how we get LeBron in the dunk contest and this is how we get more people to tune in. 

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