Saturday, March 8, 2014

NBA Draft Reform. The Wheel?

I'm personally one of the people that like how the NBA draft works with the lottery.  Granted, I don't understand why they have to do the lottery behind closed doors.  It should be live to avoid any claims of it being "fixed".  But talk around the league is that the lottery is not preventing teams from tanking.  First of all, it's stupid to tank with a lottery system in place because you're not guaranteed the first pick in the draft.  For instance look at the Bobcats, last season they finished with the 2nd worst record, and ended up with the 4th pick. Two seasons ago, they finished with 7 wins, by far the worst record in the league.  They received the 2nd pick in the lottery and missed out on Anthony Davis.  So, I like the way the draft is now, but there's been speculation about a wheel type of draft also.  The wheel would give each team in the league a chance at the first pick over a 30 year period.  The issue with this is that teams would strategically build their rosters because they would know when they get their picks, BUT we all know the NBA is good at keeping secrets so why not just keep the wheel picks a secret.  Have a computer system determine the order every year.  The NBA could even reveal one pick per week during the season on the TNT pregame special from 30 on down to 1.  Could you imagine the ratings?

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