Friday, March 7, 2014

Heat Go 0-2 in Texas

Isolation. Chuck a shot. Isolation. Turnover. What a terrible outing for the HEAT in San Antonio.  I think Bosh (24 points) is the only one who didn't look like he was playing for the Sixers.  LeBron has struggled shooting the ball since dropping 61 on the Bobcats.  He's blaming the short sleeved jerseys for his poor night, but the complaint does have some validity.  James struggled against the Lakers on Christmas Day and in the All-Star game.  James also decided to ditch his mask during the 1st Quarter last night.  One bright spot from last nights game was a possession that G.O. played terrific one-on-one D against Timmy Duncan.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.  I think the only way for him to shake off the rust will be to play him more minutes.  Chalmers was absolutely terrible.  He over penetrated and got into trouble several times proceeding to turn the ball over.  Next game is Sunday at Chicago on ABC.  Will the HEAT bounce back against their arch rivals? What's your opinions on LeBron going to Cleveland for Big Z's ceremony?
Photo courtesy AP/Darren Abate

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